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• Nationally Renown Instruction!

• Child through adult & Amateur through professional!

• Learn your favorite Paganini,

fiddle tunes,

improvisation styles and more!

• Studio is currently FULL!

• In-person spaces available beginning Winter 2024

at South Dakota State University

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Masterclass Lectures:

Playing Green (40min):

physically sustainable,

low-tension, efficient playing

Left-Hand Pizz (35min): 

less grip, more release,

and never pull "up".

It's "back and across".

Vibrato (30min):

hand and wrist vibrato are always simultaneous,

but balance differently depending on our physical

and musical direction.

The 24 Caprices (1hr):

styles, genres, and techniques in the

10-year compilation of my original encores,

"24 Caprices for Solo Violin" ©2020

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