Teaching Philosophy

          Students fare best in safe environments, with an omnipresent voice in all parts of their education. I believe in supporting student safety with the following tenets:


1.) A welcoming environment rooted in camaraderie, mutual support, and constructive feedback.


2.) Experiential support for stage fright, academic fatigue, and self-doubt.


3.) Incorporation of time-proven methods to prevent mental and physical fatigue.


          For the prevention of mental and physical fatigue, I incorporate yoga. As a certified yogi, I support the alleviation and prevention of their discomforts alongside the violin — a pedagogical approach inspired by renown violinist, Yehudi Menuhin (1916-1999).


          Students also learn best when teachers collaborate with them towards their learning.

I believe collaborative learning occurs best with following tenets:


1.) Encourage communication regarding what students want to learn, and how to learn it.


2.) Facilitate students learning from each other whenever possible by sharing discussion, care, and experience.


3.) Teach by example.


          The lattermost of these, “teach by example”, extends beyond the music. It means to be an example of punctuality, discipline, practice regimen, professional camaraderie, musical technique, and self care, in addition to the tenets above.


          This is my core teaching philosophy, and how I apply it. It is also summarized in my teaching motto, below:

"An educator should listen well, learn with every opportunity, and teach by example."

—Dr. Immanuel T. Abraham