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Dr. Immanuel Abraham Violin 24 Caprices

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These twenty-four caprices are advanced repertoire for unaccompanied violin that I wrote between 2010 and 2020. The choice of "24" honors four legendary violin performer-composers of the Romantic-era whose works I teach, perform, and continue to study.


Each wrote 24 caprices for solo violin — a tradition began by Pierre Gaviniès (1728-1800), and sustained by Jaques Pierre Joseph Rode (1774-1830), Niccolò Paganini (1782-1840), and Jakob Dont (1815-1888). After Dont, the custom ended for nearly two centuries.

I wanted to offer something new in this beautiful, old tradition.

Professor of Composition for the Sarufutsu Board of Education in Japan, Dr. Ruben Salazar, compared them to those by Niccolo Paganini (pub. 1817), calling them, "The new 24 caprices..." and  "a great addition to the violin solo repertoire". 


The University of Arizona College of Music acknowledged them as "...a book of advanced violin repertoire reflecting the musical globalism and diversity of the 21st century."

The music features 6 genres. I see this as a crucial step for today's concert violinists, who often never reach beyond western classical in their solo repertoire. My 24 caprices include not only include three baroque-style fugues, but also fiddle tunes, solo jazz works, extended solos commissioned for modern theater soundtracks, clear influences of rock, tango, the Middle East, and more!

Between 2010 - 2020, my solo gigs included large rock-concert amphitheaters, yoga summits, doctoral-recitals, American String Teacher’s Association (ASTA) conferences, livestream events in Iran and Nigeria, solo soundtracking for live theaters and film festivals, televised events for PBS, and more.

For these, I wrote all of the music I performed. That process granted my most authentic output as an artist— my 24 Caprices for Solo Violin. As such, they are each very personal, and an ever-deepening experience to perform.

There is something here for everyone. I have already enjoyed many brilliant performances by artists, professors, and students all over the world. Here, for the first time, all twenty-four are printed and bound together in one collection. Selling over 400 copies in its first 2 years, I enthusiastically look forward to every performance following this 2nd Edition!

"Such a fascinating set of works!  I can't wait to hear more of them!"
—Violinist, Jennifer Koh

"The composer knows the instrument very well and writes very well for it. I love it!"

—Violinist, Lauren Farrell

Caprice No. 23

"Fugue No. 3" (ending)

Caprice No. 1


Caprice No. 19

"The Neapolitan Caprice"

Caprice No. 7

"The Étude Caprice"

Caprice No. 6

"The Warm-Up Caprice"

Caprice No. 10

"This Girl Laughs"

String Quartet No. 1
"The Gilgmesh Quartet"

"The Star-Spangled Banner"

for 5 Violins

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